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Physics - Bernoulli - Problems with Solutions and Tutorials

See video for hydraulic press problem.

Answer: F2=45N, distance2=0.44mm

Solver Input: F2=?,F1=5,diameter2=9in,diameter1=3in,distance1=4mm,distance2=?mm

Tutorial video:
bernoulli, flow
A hose has a cross section area of 4 cm^2, and a flow rate of 150 mL/s. What is the speed of water travelling in the hose? At the end of the hose, someone's fingers squeeze the opening to an area of 1 cm^2. What is the speed of water shooting out of it?

Answer: v1=0.37m/s, v2=1.5m/s

Solver Input: A1=4cm^2,J=150mL/s,v1=?,A2=1cm^2,v2=?

Tutorial video:
A flushing toilet has a flow rate of 350 mL/s, and the stuff that flows through it has a density of 900 kg/m^3. The inlet has a diameter of 0.4 ft. The outlet is located 2m below. Long time no clean... it has an effective diameter of 0.2 ft. If the pressure at the inlet is 1.1 atm, what's the pressure at the outlet?

Answer: P2 = 1.27 atm

Solver Input: J=350mL/s,rho=900,diameter1=0.4ft,h1=2,P1=1.1atm,h2=0,diameter2=0.2ft,P2=?atm

Tutorial video: